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Marche - Houses for sale in the Marche, Italy

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Marche - History

The Marche has been discovered or rediscovered again by lovers of Italy during the past 40 years and not just because of its fantastic traditional food as highlighted in the 3 minute video above. Marche of course, as so many regions in Europe, has also been a a victim of war over land and for more detailed information about the history of Marche we refer to a piece of wiki encyclopedia.

The Marche, with its Capital Ancona that is located in the centre of Marche right on the Adriatic coast, has 5 sub regions or provinces called: Ancona - Ascoli Piceno - Macerata - Fermo - Pesaro and Urbino.

If you are looking to buy a property in Marche, works with a number of real estate agents that can show you an even largernumber of properties and who will provide comfort and offer transparent information to any potential buyer of a permanent or holiday residence in the Marke. The agents speak English and have strong knowledge of the Marche provinces where they operate.

Map of Marche, Italia

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