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NEW: Private ads update 2022

March 14, 2022 by IMMOULIN

Moulin.nl introduces Free Advertising for First Time Sellers

Starting in Q1 2022 Moulin.nl introduces a new advertising model with a choice of 9 different payment options from just one month to 24 months. The longer the period the cheaper the ad per month. Certain regions with more activity and current economic conditions require a much broader choice of periods than the 6 and 12 months options we have been offering before.

Moulin.nl also introduces a Free of charge one month trial period without obligation to extend or renew with a paid option.

As more advertisers choose to use our niche portal with a simple visitor experience dedicated approach, the easier it will be to find that exclusive buyer..

Internationally, Moulin.nl scores very well in terms of visits per property driven by quality rather than quantity.

You can now participate without obligation by clicking this link https://moulin.nl/en/realestate/add/ and benefit from free advertising for an entire month

By first fully preparing the ad with plenty of quality photos and only thereafter choosing the payment option, you benefit from the maximum available free advertising period.