2023 International Real Estate for Sale

Property Page Editing
Before and After Payment Options (Private ads)

New advertisement | Before clicking 'PAYMENT OPTIONS' or putting the property 'live', check all [EDIT] links and optimize property details and language descriptions first.
NOT ALLOWED IN TEXT: Hyperlinks, Email address, Telephone numbers, Company or inappropriate advertising,

  1. Click 'EDIT' next to Price in order to toggle the 'Visible on site' box and several other details
  2. You can edit the descriptions by clicking the language flags. ALWAYS ADD ENGLISH TITLE AND DESCRIPTION
  3. English language must be used and please consider other most relevant language titles and descriptions (max 3000 characters) for better search results (use Google translate)
  4. Carefully choose preferred Property Details options for Types and Categories as this greatly improves visibility
  5. Add as many property criteria as possible to allow visitors to filter out your property
  6. Photos: Always convert to jpg. Add a minimum number of high resolution photos (max 20 photos). Extensions .BMP and .HEIC (Apple) are not accepted.
  7. Private advertisers only: A first time paid subscription will receive a free one month extra. Requires moderator approval