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Vignobles à vendre - International immobilier

A vineyard is a rather complex agricultural business and requires strong in-house operational wine growing and wine making knowledge. Many vineyards both grow and harvest the wine grapes and have the wine making production facility on the premises. Other vineyards only grow and harvest whilst they leave the 'winery' or wine making to a cooperation in a different location. Many properties, also referred to as 'vineyards', only do the 'winery' or wine production.

Wine labels in France, whihc produces about 10% of total world production, most often are inked to a Chateau label which is either the agricultural side around a Chateau or a Chateau that does wine production or both.

Investing in a vIne or vineyard is a serious business proposition and will take several months of due diligence and compliance. Such procedure requires good specialist advice, especially if the buyer is not a local with an infrastructure in place. The type of grapes, Merlot, Cabernet, Malbec and others as a cru or mix is not an issue as long as the quality is recognized. Many vineyards are for sale on different websites but the market is controlled by only two handful of specialist wine consultants. Many other 'vignobles' for sale will never be shown for privacy or commercial reasons. The purchase of a wine property by a non-local should only be done on the basis of a detailed search instruction in order to get off on a clean start. Reasons for the intended sale of a vineyard are many from lack of heritage, lack of funding to modernise, maintenance cost of the property, a few bad harvest periods during a the past 10 years and so on. Wine is a business and the business risk must be well understood.

The Vineyard business worldwide is absolutely huge. Total revenue is about 250 billion dollars.

If you are serious you will need specialist advice and we are happy to assist. Please use to this form to securely provide your details in order to start that process.