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Villa for sale Marche, Italy - Country house type villas

Retirement in Marche

Forbes has identified the Italian province of The Marches as one of the best 20 places in the world to retire to in 2020 and take up permanent residency. See the Forbes website. Of course Forbes is writing this mainly for US residents, but the same really applies for non-US residents and certainly European residents with a love for Italian culture, food and great medieval archtectural history. Reasons are low cost of living, very affordable property prices in Marche, great culture, participation in state run health care system and Italy has good double taxation agreements with countries outside of Europe. For Europeans of course there are no issues here. The property market in Marche is indeed still much more affordable than in other parts of italy and has lagged behind the kind of property price increases that we have seen in other popular regions of southern Europe. There are so many beautiful villas for sale as well as other types of property. A property advertised as a 'villa' is often a fully reconstructed or redevelopped farmhouse property or some older building of any kind. If you think about owning a property or villa or kind of a traditional home in southern Europe, the Marches should definitely be part of your consideration for such a real estate purchase. Moulin works with a number of top local real estate agents who will gladly assist you in a very professional and friendly manner.