Gorgeous 4 -storey-Masters' house for sale halfway between Le Vigan and Anduze, Gard

Languedoc-Roussillon, Gard

997.500 € ID: 134712

This large, luxurious and authentic 18th century house offers 17 rooms including 9 bedrooms , many with fire places, 5 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, large garage for 3 cars , boiler room, cellars, attics, on 2 acres parkland with hundred of years old trees, pleasure garden with fountain, numerous fruit trees and schrubs, vegetable garden and a 9 hole-pitch and putt golf course, private spring, water source and a large swimming pool to be fitted and renewed.

Outuildings include an old 250 sqm barn to be fully restored
Recent central heating boiler and water boiler, roof totally repaired and wiring updated to highest standards.

Location : near Anduze, one hour NW of Nimes (TGV station), one hour NE of Montpellier (Airport), in the heart of a village with all shops (supermarket, chemist's, baker's, butcher, newsagent/tobacconist, hairdresser, bars, petrol/garage...)

This property could easily be converted into a B&B buiness and also into a gites complex once the old barn would be fully restored. Must see.

"On the Stevenson Trail" :At the end of the last century, the Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson undertook a voyage as a recluse through the Cevennes to search for the heart of camisarde.
On the basis of Monastier sur Gazeille with for his only partner an ass, it will end to Saint Jean du Gard after a high tour of "La Corniche des Cévennes" and be recorded in the book " Travels with an ass through the Cevennes . 1878... it seems a long way away.
And yet, today, it is always 1878. All is similar. Nothing changed. Except (of course!) the quality of the inns... All the famous places are still here, waiting! The buildings, the streets, the paths... you will lack only the Modestine donkey Stevenson rode, and we can provide you with a suitable replacement.But the spirit has not left, even without Stevenson to document it is would still be here.

It is an extremely literary... though basically entertaining tour. That of a search for the impossible voyage. That of an accumulation, a stacking of very Scottish mishaps in our beautiful country of Gevaudan. You could not make this journey of ordinary pretenses. In hills haunted with gods and knights, in the highest and most unforeseeable part of Lozere, at the time when it starts to undress its luminous autumnal ornament for the first bragged, its fogs and some pearls of rain, this is a discovery, even for we who live here.

It is during this time of the year in harsh climate that our hero takes the road which goes down from Monastier towards Langogne.
The road? Rather let us say goat paths his donkey determines through obstinacy. Because Modestine, it is a fountainhead; a crossed head of poetic, emotional, gustatory projects.

Thus the Cevennes, the winter, on foot, with an ass. And that one worthy of the English image of mischief. One which would have signed Prevert:

a frying pan to be fried
a whip with egg
a sleeping bag
cooked gigot
a spirit lamp
a bottle of Beaujolais wine
another of Brandy
and much, much ropes...

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    B&B - huésped
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    Residencia < 1 HA
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    760 m²
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    8.074 m²
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