2 wine properties in Gironde and Dordogne with 148 ha of land

Aquitaine, Gironde - 33

3.409.281 € ID: 161390

This wine property consists of two units/castles with a total area of ​​148 ha 46 a 79 ca, composing:

A wine chateau in GIRONDE:
On a dominant position with outbuildings grouped around a MANOIR dating from the 19th century.
Most of the vines are located around the manoir, in AOC BORDEAUX Appellation with a total area of ​​92 ha 10a 08 ca!

A wine Château in the DORDOGNE:
A set of farmhouse and outbuildings from the 19th century, partially to renovate.
Surrounded by its vines in Appellation AOC BERGERAC ROUGE with a surface of ​​12 ha 32 to 62 ca.
As well as a plot of vines in the MONBAZILLAC Appellation with a surface of ​​4 ha 91 to 40 ca.

The winery in Dordogne benefits from an approval allowing to vinify with 8 ha 72 a 00 ca of vines in Appellation AOC BORDEAUX!

The main building - MANOIR - with an area of ​​280 m²
On the property two dwelling houses, currently rented, to be renovated.
The first adjoining the Manoir - 115 m².
The second is located - 400 m² total - in the heart of the vineyards

At the west entrance of the building, 2 offices.
3 closed vats, forming an integral part of the whole - 170 m², 150 m² and 234 m² - house temperature-controlled stainless steel and concrete tanks with a capacity of 4710 HL;
The production tool is completed by a stainless steel vat room,  outside, thermoregulated hot and cold, with a capacity of 4500 HL.
An annex building - 300 m²
A recent wooden shed - 250 m²
In the oldest part, an open gallery - 78 m²

92 ha 10a 08 ca in kind of AOC BORDEAUX vines, a large part of which surrounds the chateau in one piece.
Red wine: Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec grape varieties.
White wine: Sémillon Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc grape varieties.
8 ha 72 a 00 ca of AOC BORDEAUX vines are vinified in the cellar located in Dordogne, which benefits from an approval allowing it to vinify the Bordeaux appellation!

The farmhouse, from the 19th century, consists of a large stone building to be renovated
All the roofs are in good condition.

The building includes a cellar established in a renovated building, isolated, functional and well equipped - 680 m² - as well as a stone barn - 164 m² - a workshop and hangar.
All the roofs are in good condition.

In operation, HVE3 certified, divided into two islands, in the AOC Bergerac Rouge and AOC Monbazillac appellations:
12 ha 321 to 62 ca in kind of AOC BERGERAC ROUGE vines,
Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Malbec grape varieties.
04 ha 91 to 40 ca in nature of AOC MONBAZILLAC vines,
Sémillon Blanc (majority) and Sauvignon Blanc grape varieties.
The balance in kind of land - 5 ha - and wood - 17 ha.

* 5 Trademarks regularly registered with the INPI are included in the sale;
* The water supply is private (well) for the operation in GIRONDE;
and public for operation in the DORDOGNE.
* Equipment and wine stocks not included.

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